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Cynthia Nikolai

Author, Inventor, Software Developer

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~~ About Me ~~
I grew up in the Air Force. My mom was in the Air Force for 20 years. I loved it, and I knew that I wanted to serve my country. After college I joined the Air Force. I was a space and missile operator. But I wanted to be a scientist. So I left the Air Force, and I used the GI Bill to go back to school. I studied Math and Computer Science. I have three passions in life: Math, Computers, and building puzzles. I love these fields because I love solving problems and building computer artifacts. I love saving time and money for companies by using math and computers to solve problems more efficiently and effectively. I also love challenging myself. A fun fact about myself is that I am working on building the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. It is 32,000 pieces.
~~ Computer Skills and Proficiencies ~~

Programming Languages: Java | JavaScript | Perl | PHP | C++ | C | Swift | Python | HTML | CSS | XML | JSON | Visual Basic | Ruby | SQL | R | Markdown

Frontend: Bootstrap | jQuery | React | Angular | Room

Backend: Postman | Node.js | Express | JPA | Hibernate | Django

Databases: AWS S3 | MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Firebase | CloudKit | Neo4j | SQLite

Visualization/Animation/Design: Maya | Photoshop | Flash | Tableau Design Frameworks: MVC | MVVM

Geolocation: Mapbox | Google Maps | ArcGIS

Project Management/Collaboration Tools: git | GitHub | GitLab | Slack | Discord | Zoom | Word | PowerPoint | Pages | Numbers | Excel | WordPerfect | OpenOffice | Google Docs | Google Forms | Google Slides | Google Sheets

Operating Systems: Linux | Windows | MacOS

Virtualization: Parallels | VMWare | Virtual Box

Miscellaneous: Heroku | MEAN | MERN | LAMP | MATLAB | Maple | Android Development | iOS Development | macros | apple script | WebEOC | vEOC

~~ Projects ~~
Color Mix Image
Color Mix
Deck of One Card Image
Deck of One Card
Pokedecks Image
Java Word Anagrams
Vampire Bites
~~ Fun Fact ~~
A fun fact about myself. I am building the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle.* It is 32,256 pieces. Here are some pictures.

*This was the world's largest puzzle when I bought it around 2011. However, since that time, they have come out with a new World's Largest Puzzle. It is 51,300 pieces. Of course, I had to buy that one, but since I started this one and have been working on it for 10 years already, I figured that I would finish this one first. It will probably take me another 10 years to finish.

~~ Contact Me ~~